Artistic and General Director

A French artist, Charly trained to be an actor through a two-stage process. First, he completed a two-year degree in theatre studies at the University of Lille III (France), where he was awarded a Master’s in 2009. He then undertook a course at the Ecole LASSAAD International School of Theatre in Brussels (Belgium), graduating in 2013. Since then, he has acted in and directed plays in mainly Belgium and France.

He co-founded the French theatre company Mond’en scène in 2006, which he still manages today, and the company Boulanger in 2015, an international physical theatre company. As well as regularly being invited to help train budding artists at an international level, Charly runs numerous workshops in professional theatre schools throughout Europe (Lisbon, Porto, Madrid, Berlin, Lille, Stockholm, Brussels). In late 2016, he agreed to resume the position of General and Artistic Director of Hablingbo Variété, with the aim of creating and developing a powerful artistic project for the 2018 season, which is focused on the local territory but also includes an international dimension involving young, up-and-coming artists.

He is also actor and stage director.

Artistic and Technical Directress

Born in Montpelier in France, Laura began her vocational theatre training at the age of 17 with the theatre company La Compagnie Maritime. Following her three-year course, she moved to Brussels where she attended the national institute for performing arts, INSAS (Institut National Supérieur des Arts du Spectacle Brussels – Belgium), in the stage direction department.

She graduated in 2011, and proceeded to dedicate herself to directing her own projects and performances, primarily in Brussels, as well as to her role as Production Stage Manager for the National Opera, mainly in Brussels and at the Aix en Provence Festival of Lyric Arts. Laura is also a founding member of the non-profit organisation Espace Ouvert, which aims to promote and support young European artists. She has now accepted the challenging position of Technical Director for Variété Hablingbo, where she intends to commit herself to achieving quality objectives of both an artistic and technical nature.

She is also production stage manager for opera productions.


Graduated from the university of Rennes (France) with a Bachelor's degree in performing and visual Arts, she started to study acting and physical theater in Brussels (Belgium), at Ecole LASSAAD International School of Theatre in Brussels (Belgium). Working in Belgium and abroad, she is directing and acting with other collaborators as well : Compania Randagia (Belgium) and National Opera of Roma (Italy).

She co-founded his own compagny, Compagnie Le Bus (Belgium) in 2014, and she is still managing it as Artistic and General Director. 

She is also teaching theater and mouvement classes to many different groups of children and adults in collaboration with Toboggan ASBL and Théâtre O Plus (Belgium) .

She is also actress.


A Swedish project manager with a bachelor in fine arts and sustainable development, as well as a mater in intercultural communications. Living in France and working in web communications, this is something that comes to use every day. In 2011 she founded Morbid & Jolly, a jewelry brand where old object get a new purpose. Through workshops she’s invited people to share their belongings and find new purposes in things they already own. Sustainable development and creative problem solving is key in all of Sofia´s projects.  

As a Production and development manager at Hablingbo Variété she is responsible for the Swedish communication and the intercultural interaction.

She is also Communicator & Designer.

Technical general manager

Marion is gratuated from INSAS (Institut National Supérieur des Arts du Spectacle, Brussels – Belgium) in 2012, as a theater director.

She is a director of perfomances and she is trained as light designer by Florence Richard. She designed the light of : “Le Dictateur” (Collective 6414); “Comment faire est la question des enfants sans noms” (Sarah Antoine and Céline Rallet); “Synovie” (Jessica Gazon and Thibaut Nève, light co-created with Julie Petit-Etienne); “L’Odeur” (Rémi Pons); “Maestro’s” (Marion Nguyen).

She is also director-assistant for the Collective Fluorescence, at the National Theater of Brussels and for the directress Marion Nguyen. As a directress she is working on the “Verfügbar aux Enfers – Une Opérette à Ravensbrück”, a performance about concentration camp through Germaine Tillion’s text.

She is also stage director and theater company director.


...all our technicians, maintenance staff, ticketing agents and others volunteers without whom the adventure would not be possible.


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