Turn off the light and open your eyes…

More than a show, Sneezing Universe is an experience

An amazing object-theater show with magic light in the dark

by Compagnie Cellule Souche, BELGIUM

Enter an other world and let yourself float through space for an hour. Thanks to Black Light’s magic, you’ll see things that are invisible in daylight.

Sneezing Universe tells itself in two chapters : the creation of a world, and its destruction by pollution.

This silent show will leave you speechless.

So don’t hesitate, come with us and sharpen your senses : the trip is about to begin !

For adult and child from 7 years

Gotlands Tidningar, 2019/12/07

When ?

From Wednesday to Sunday

10/7 to 11/8


Where ?

The show takes place in the circus tent. In any case, with rain or high heat we are able to welcome you comfortably (sheltered and cool). Our address :

Variété Hablingbo Stora Burge 820, 623 42 Hablingbo/Havdhem

3 ways of booking

from 10/7



from 10/7
to 11/8



to 11/8


Visual theater company, BELGIUM

The five of us are from the same class of the Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles : Petra, Sybille, Amandine, Coralie et Margot. We’ve been brought together by a desire of creating a show that is both physical and unreal. We started the adventure together, and now we can’t leave each other anymore !
Just after graduation from the Conservatoire, we’ve created our own company as well as our non-profit organization. We’ve already 3 shows to our credit, all very diverse in their shapes and subjects. They have nonetheless two things in common : their driving force is the exposure of a specific problem in our society and they’re both very visual and even – in this case – magical!



After graduating from the Conservatoire, I started a professional training to become a stage manager. I’m currently doing an internship at the Bozar of Brussels, working on concerts, events and even theater plays. I love to travel (to the Moon and back), and try to light up the world with my stage lamps !


the head

In parallel of my acting training at the Conservatoire, I’ve studied the stage managing as well. I always thought that our world is too cerebral and wanted to have a more physical job, and stage managing showed me all the hidden work of every stage act, all that had to be done to get the perfect result, all the tricks… As an artist, I think it’s fundamental to be curious about the mysteries of our world, but also to keep searching for the keys that explain it and help us to understand it. To me, theater is an amazing way to search for these keys and play with them.


left leg

I started learning acting ten years ago. During my 4 years at the Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles, I had the chance to experiment many different aspects of the scene : writing, directing, puppetry, clown, tanztheater… This year I entered the ESAct of Liège to become an acting teacher and help children to express themselves.


the chest and arms

As the other girls, I graduated from the Consevatoire de Bruxelles. The creation of Cellule Souche was the perfect expression of my passion for acting, singing and writing. I never stop searching for new ideas, new forms of expression and love to mix various kinds of art. Today’s society is nothing but fighting, and I think Art is the perfect weapon. I also love to play guitar, and travel to discover the world. This year, I started teaching theater to little children, and I love it !


right leg

Born in Hungary, I grew up in Belgium and graduated last year from the Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles. I’ve been working with the company since its creation, two years ago. Theater is my passion. I never stop dreaming, have two parrots that I love more than anything, and happen to sing with them (even if their style is… different). I also play piano, but haven’t taught them yet.


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